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Australian Garlic at Cypress Ridge Cottages

Australian Grown Garlic

Cypress Ridge Produce began in 2008 growing continental parsley for sale to the wholesale market. In 2011 the farm changed its focus to producing small amounts of high quality garlic.

The location of Cypress Ridge Produce in Ballandean, Southern Queensland, is the ideal growing environment for garlic with warm summers and cold winters. Currently the farm is growing purple oriental garlic from heirloom seed originally from the highlands of china which was sourced locally with testing being undertaken on other varieties for the 2012 season.

The cold winters of the region ensure the garlic has a robust flavour with the purple tinged large cloves of the garlic perfect for frying, roasting or using raw.

Cypress Ridge Produce is currently working with local processors to produce value added products starting with a whole garlic paste and a caramelised garlic balsamic vinegar from renowned vinegar maker Ian Henderson of LiraH.

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